The Region

Pasaiako BadiaThe area between the west of the Pyrenees and the east of the Cantabrian region offers a wide range of natural and historic spaces of great beauty and cultural value, embedded in an amazingly reduced space.

This geographic diversity is also reflected on the climate, for there are four climate types and numerous

microclimates in this narrow strip. That is why real rain forests and wide desert areas can be seen within a few kilometres distance.

The vigorous Atlantic Ocean has shaped a great variety of places and aspects on the seaside. Very close to the perfectly sheltered bays with nice beaches and seafronts, we will find sudden cliffs, open coves and rough swells.

Besides, the interior part is especially hilly, with mountains over 2,000 metres. The hillsides and depression areas contain dense vegetation, plenty of rivers and marshlands and various types of rocky materials, grooved by the many caves.


Bardenas by Ikertxi


To the south of the mountains, there are wide, green, nice valleys, full of pastures. A green ocean, whose horizon gets lost toward the interior of the Iberian Peninsula.

Beyond these wide esplanades, there are an extensive natural desert and arid gorges with very peculiar geography, climate, vegetation and fauna.

The three areas that make this landscape (Basque Autonomous Community, Navarre and the Atlantic Pyrenees) contain a wide range of cultural legacy, maybe thanks to the diversity of the land. Looking at prehistory, we can see that there are important archaeological sites, innumerable megalithic monuments and historical buildings of all periods. The local celebrations and customs, many of which date back to old days, are also of great cultural value.

Industry and technology live together with these traditions. Thus, on the seaside, next to the small fishing ports, we will find big commercial harbours with worldwide relevant shipyards. Together with the most ancient buildings, we will discover unique and avant-garde architectural works.



The distance between all these places is small, but the infrastructures of the interior are great engineering works that allow to cross the hilly orography in a secure and comfortable manner. Therefore, one does not need a long time to travel between these places full of so much contrast.

Riscal by Tabernilla

The quality of the stay is also worthy of note - a necessary feature for any type of traveller. The gastronomy of the area is known worldwide, as it is the comfort, which has attracted many nobles and distinguished figures throughout the centuries. The leisure and entertainment offer consists of a great number of choices. The sincerity and respect of the citizens, who have a great emigrating experience, makes everyone feel well received.

Everything mentioned above led Lonely Planet to place our country on the Blue List 2009, as one of the most interesting places to travel to and, therefore, as a set of natural scenario for filming all sorts of

audiovisual productions.




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